[Boatanchors] Convert Swan TV-2 to a 6M Transverter?

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Mon Feb 28 21:07:32 EST 2011

I see here http://www.eserviceinfo.com/equipment_mfg/SWAN_37.html
a reference to TV2, TV2b, TV2c, and TV2ca.

Were there four different models of the 2m transverter?

Was that nomenclature displayed on the faceplate or was it only
obvious from a knowledge of the serial number groupings?

Mine is:  SN: T121903  and it is the 50MHz IF model.



>      I have a nice Swan TV-2 transverter.
>      Pictures on request.
>      I want it to work on 6M.
>      Questions:
>      1. Does someone want this intact and have an
>      equivalent 6M transverter to swap?
>      2. Has anyone done such a conversion?


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