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You can easily see this today, although few recognize it.

If you have an old instrument or especially a power strip with a Ne pilot
light, the pilot often will not glow or will flicker in a dark room. If
you turn on the room lights or shine a flash light on the Ne bulb, it will
glow continuously.

The optical photons kick-start the ionization process.




> It was an accident. He actually discovered the photoelectric effect.
> He was working with his detector and was getting odd results.
> It would spark at a wider gap than it should have. He then discovered it
> was the light
> coming thru a window and filtered out various wavelengths of light and
> found it was
> UV.  All before 1900.
> Bill
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> You've piqued my curiosity.  The dictionary defines "Hertz Effect" as:
> [1] Increase in the length of a spark induced across a spark gap when the
> gap is irradiated with ultraviolet light.
> (electromagnetism)
> [2] A dependence of the attenuation of a linearly polarized
> electromagnetic
> wave passing through a grating of metal rods on the angle between the
> electric vector and the rod direction, with the attenuation being a
> minimum
> when the two are perpendicular.
> I'm wondering what Hertz used as a UV source?  Or are we talking the
> second
> definition here?
> 73, Brian KA9EGW
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> Well, George, it looks like no one has anything to offer about boatanchor
> receiver design.
> They want to argue about ARRL. I'd rather talk about early 1920's
> receivers
> and even those
> before. It seems to me that people had problems breaking old habits, such
> as
> single conversion
> designs with low frequency IF. A good receiver had to have 2 RF amplifiers
> for image rejection.
>    I am still impressed by some of the knowledge they had in the early
> spark
> era. Many had a good
> understanding of resonance and impedance matching. Look at what Hertz
> accomplised. I bet very
> few know what the "Hertz Effect" is. He discovered it by accident while
> doing his RF experiments  using
> a calibrated spark gap as a receiver. He made the first Beam antenna. Now
> today most people think beam
> antenna means Yagi but any antenna that produces a "beam" is a beam
> antenna.
> He uses a parabolic
> reflector in some experiments.
> 73
> Bill wa4lav
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> Speaking of converters - -look at the old pictures of ham stations in the
> late 1940's and 50's QSTs.  One of the things you will see is a lot of RME
> HF-10/20 converters ahead of a  fairly decent receivers.  Those converters
> are really something.  I hooked one up ahead of a BC-224B (12 volt version
> of BC-348) last fall and the DX really jumped out of the noise.  I was
> somewhat astounded.  Now I know why my "mentor,"  Pete W0JYW, used one
> ahead
> of his HQ-129X back in 1957.  RME's VHF-152 is a pretty hot (relatively)
> converter as well.
>   As for ARRL and QST, they both serve a purpose, but there is little of
> interest to the builder or boat anchor fan.  That is probably where the
> rub
> is.  We need to remember that they did pretty much "save" amateur radio
> after both WW-I and WW-II.   I'm an avid boat anchorite and builder so QST
> has nothing for me.  Oh well; such is life.
> Keep the filaments lit,
> George
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