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I am pleased to see the positive responses for ARRL.  Over the 50 plus years
I've been a ham, I've disagreed with them plenty of times, but I've always
been grateful for their attention to the issues that preserve our
frequencies and rights.  They are deserving of every ham's support.  The
League is run by a democratically elected board.  Don't like the policies?
Run for office or support someone who agrees with you.  Once you drop out,
it's no longer your organization and you have no say or right to complain.
I don't understand much of what is in QST, but I don't read the sports
section in the newspaper either!  (The traffic totals by section have not
been in QST for years, BTW!)

I'd like to see more on boatanchors and AM, too, but listening to the bands
will confirm that we are in the minority.

Want more articles on old equipment?  Write some!

If you like QEX, subscribe to it!  It's not all that expensive.

The complainers remind me of a guy out on a limb with his saw, cutting off
the support that keeps him up there.....
Ron K2RP

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Quoting Wilson Lamb <infomet at embarqmail.com>:
> Meanwhile, be greatful that ARRL has helped swell our numbers and  
> that a dedicated staff of professional employees and volunteers  
> works to preserve our privileges.  As for me, I consider membership  
> a screaming bargain and I wish every ham would join!
> Wilson

I just wish the ARRL would give Life Members the choice of QST or QEX.

I don't care a rat's pattote about "who's who" in the DX race, or  
traffic totals for every section.

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