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The Science Nobels (Physics, Chemistry, etc) are pretty much all given on
achievement. I've met a number of them and they really are very, very
smart people and their work has laid the foundation for much of modern

The Literature and Economics, less so.

The Peace Prize is almost purely political, viz Gore and Obama, which are
just ridiculous, IMO. The Peace Prize is outta a box of Cracker Jack.




> Einstein was an important member of the modern scientific
> community but his receipt of a Nobel Prize was not necessary
> for that to be obvious.
> The Nobel Prize has historically often been as much political
> as 'professional'.
> Have a look at how it was founded, who gets to vote, and who has
> been honored over the years.
> You will be amazed at some of the bizarre choices - and clearly
> "partisan" choices - in some cases without regard for truth.
> Mention of the Nobel Prize really should always come with the
> disclaimer "For what, if anything, it is worth."
>  > Lewis C. Emerson wrote:
>> He may have "discovered" it, but Albert Einstein received the Nobel
>> Prize for Physics in 1921 for explaining it.
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