[Boatanchors] Apology and eating crow

Kludge wh7hg.hi at gmail.com
Sat Jan 22 07:38:09 EST 2011

I would like to apologize to everyone for my behavior a few months ago.  It
was reprehensible and shameful, and I am truly sorry.  There was and is no
excuse for it.


By way of explanation but not excuse, basically it was a meltdown that
started in arc5 & milsurplus on qth.net and ended a month or two later in
boatanchors on the same list server.  Between my own psychiatric and
physical issues and Noelle’s, I’ve been under an ever increasing amount of
pressure with no relief except seeing my therapist but I haven’t had that
luxury except rarely due to scheduling issues.  Two things have happened
since.  First, my shrink changed my med load which seems to be helping some
and some progress is finally being made vis-à-vis my leg.  I have to admit
that the word “amputate”, which the doctors involved have been bandying
about doesn’t set well but it is at least something and it’s better than


Something I shall continue to do is take shots at Hawaii.  Part of the local
culture is to laugh at ourselves.  It’s like me calling myself a lolo haole
except at a wider level.  As far as literacy goes, we have one of the worst
educational systems in the country (2nd or 3rd, as I recall) and probably
the most useless Department of Education anywhere.  Our government actively
discourages new business here, depending on tourism (and taxing tourists in
ever increasing increments while doing so) and the military to supply the
state’s income.  Add in a population that’s small and primarily service
oriented and there’s little basis for any sort of a tech base.  


In a nutshell, that’s Hawaii.  And I’m going to continue to take shots at it
because I live here and it’s part of the culture.  And I’ll continue to
portray myself as a “grass shack living tree-climber” with the intellect of
a gnat because that is Hawaii as well.  And I’ll be sitting here grinning
like an idiot all the while, hoping people will laugh along with me.


Now, I’ve never been much of a contributor anywhere.  A raiser of questions
and a misunderstander of answers, yes.  Contributor, not so much.  This has
historically been true in these three lists and was in the three previously
mentioned.  (In point of fact, if anyone were to mention my name in any of
the previously mentioned ones, the response would be, “Who?”)  Since I
haven’t suddenly grown an IQ, I doubt this will change a lot, especially
with the amped up med load.  But I shall try very, very hard to behave in a
far more civilized manner and hope someone will head me off if I start
drifting again.


Again, my deepest and most humble apologies for my behavior.


A revised copy of this will be going to a small group via private email as


Mahalo nui loa for your attention.


Best regards,


Michael, WH7HG BL01xh

Hiki Nô! 


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