[Boatanchors] FS: Roller Inductor

George Babits gbabits at custertel.net
Mon Jan 24 15:53:41 EST 2011

I have for sale a really nice roller inductor with counter.  The coil is 
3.7" long, 3" in diameter on a ceramic form.  The coil is 27 turns of #12 
wire which calculates out to a little over 20 microhenries.  Overall size is 
3.125" wide, 7" long, and 5.5" high.  The counter is 4" by 4", by 4.25" 
deep.  The end supports are micalex.  Comes with an extra new roller 
"wheel."  I have been using this for the last 20 years in my home built 
"Ultimate Transmatch"  on 160 through 10 meters, with power levels in excess 
of 1 KW.   Sell for $60.00 plus shipping.
Thanks for looking,

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