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In addition to the lists of things for sale (receivers, etc.), be sure and
click on the "showroom" link but be sure and have a few minutes to spare and
be seated in a comfortable chair as well.


Oooh, all kinds of cool toys.  I’m halfway tempted to find out how much he
wants for one of those Gonset G-76s (with both power supplies) he has in one
section there.  I’d really rather a KWM-2A with the extra crystals to hit
the WARC bands but that doesn’t even happen in my wildest [boatanchor]


Actually, I’d really rather an AN/PRC-104 with all the cool toys to make it
into a couple of the mobile rigs as well but they don’t make the fantasy
list either.


Anyway, thanks, Bob.  Another drool site for us.  :-)


Best regards,


Michael, WH7HG BL01xh

Hiki Nô! 

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