[Boatanchors] HBR-16 vs ???

WA5VGO hbrnut at suddenlink.net
Tue Jul 12 20:07:33 EDT 2011

It's a nice radio that's fun to build and use, but it's no Drake, and 
certainly not on par with any of the modern radios.

I'm not trying to discourage you from building one. On the contrary, I 
strongly recommend that you do. I just don't want to create unrealistic 

Darrell, WA5VGO

On 7/11/2011 10:43 PM, rick darwicki wrote:
> Anyone know how the old HBR-16 compares to modern radios and/or tube 
> Drakes?
> Worth building one?
> Ted Crosby was my elmer back in the day and that receiver was sure 
> better than my RME-69
> Thanks
> Rick, N6PE

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