[Boatanchors] HBR-16 vs. ???

Kludge wh7hg.hi at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 15:07:51 EDT 2011

In watching (kind of) this thread, I wonder if anyone tried a compactron
version to reduce the bottle count and/or tried incorporating some of the
ideas from the 1930s super-gainer which used a regenerative mixer and
detector as well as multisection tubes which reduced the total number of
tubes to 2-3.  The result would be an HBR-14 or -16 with something like 1/3
to 1/2 the number of tubes with the attendant reduction in real estate and
possibly power requirements.  At the same time, a space charge tube version
might be interesting.


Just some thoughts from a med-induced haze 


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