[Boatanchors] HBR-16 vs. ???

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  You know, knowing what we do today, think of the receivers and transmitters we could have designed back then.
No need for the very special crystals to make filters, get less expensive crystals, such as the 
color burst ones and make ladder filters, with  variable band width using ganged variable capacitors.
   Or think of it, a phasing receiver or transmitter using polyphase phase shift networks for the audio.
A pair of 6BE6 tubes for product detectors and polyphase network and audio amplifier would be great.
Then use same polyphase network ,but cheap enough using 10% parts,  you could have a separate one to make a transmitter using
a two pair of 1625 balanced modulators, screen modulated to get 30 or 40 watts SSB. More than enough power but easily drive
a pair of 813s in grounded grid.
  I am sure there are other things that could have been done.
Any ideas?  

Bill wa4lav
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In watching (kind of) this thread, I wonder if anyone tried a compactron
version to reduce the bottle count and/or tried incorporating some of the
ideas from the 1930s super-gainer which used a regenerative mixer and
detector as well as multisection tubes which reduced the total number of
tubes to 2-3.  The result would be an HBR-14 or -16 with something like 1/3
to 1/2 the number of tubes with the attendant reduction in real estate and
possibly power requirements.  At the same time, a space charge tube version
might be interesting.

Just some thoughts from a med-induced haze … :-D

Best regards,

Michael, WH7HG ex-K3MXO, ex-KN3MXO, WPE3ARS, BL01xh ex-Mensa A&P PP BGI

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