[Boatanchors] Are 400 Hz variac's good for anything but a real 'boat anchor'

John Hurst hurstjsj at verizon.net
Sun Jul 17 11:58:00 EDT 2011

The issue is core saturation. If you run it at a lower input voltage, 18 V
or so you can still run it at 10 amps out. It's still not too useful, but
you could use it with a transformer for a variable filament supply or low
voltage power supply.

60/400*120V = 18V


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Some wise guy at a hamfest today left me a 120 V, 10A, 400 Hz variac as a 
'present'.  I know darned well you can't pull much amperage out of them due
the small core saturating but can you pull much of anything in amps? I'm 
inclined to just yank off the knob and dial scale and pitch the rest.

By the way, if anyone wants this for the cost of shipping, they can have it.

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