[Boatanchors] Antique Electronic Supply joins the dark side...

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Wed Jun 15 17:57:43 EDT 2011

At 06:09 PM 6/14/2011, you wrote:
>Engineers generally don't make great salesmen. "Good" salesmen know how
>to put the right merchandising spin on just about anything they want you
>to buy.

They don't make great Technical Writers, either, although they'd sit on red 
hot metal 6L6 before admitting it, if they ever would.

As far as Electronic Sales Reps go,  it's just like selling anything done 
right; if you've done your research, and know your audience, the product 
will sell itself.  Unfortunately, AES looks like they've taken this 
philosophy and turned it around,  & targeted "phools" having more money 
than brains, and are going for them.

Always happens in a Depression:  Aim for the Carriage Trade with too much 
dough and no brains: "Now, it comes with Glycerine-Octoglomerate-Vibraphone!"

I'm surprised they didn't say it would improve your dating life.

Real disappointment.  Fathauer must be grinding his teeth.  I've been 
buying from these guys since the early 1990's.

The next catalog will probably have a lot more pictures and less specs; 
soon it'll look like an Ikea folder: "Lotsa pitcheers for me seee!  Wow!"



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