[Boatanchors] Extreme Packing

J. Forster jfor at quik.com
Fri Jun 17 15:18:58 EDT 2011

The sell cand of Foam-In-Place stuff at Home Depot. Maybe he used
something like that and trash bags.



> I rec'd a nice BA yesterday that was shipped from Calif. via UPS (Ugh!).
> What was amazing to me was the packing material. The sender (an
> individual, not a commercial biz) had used some sort of what appeared to
> be "expandable-foam-in-a-bag" product that perfectly fit the radio. That
> is, the radio seemed to have been put in the box while the "bag" was still
> wet and left an exact impression of itself in the bag which eventually
> solidified (I'm guessing). The top "bag" was also similarly perfectly
> form-fitting to the top of the radio. In other words, there were two
> exactly fitting "bags" that so perfectly fit the boxes and its contents
> that no movement of the radio was possible and protection was excellent.
> So, BIG Q: does anyone know what this stuff is called and where can it be
> bought. This is WORLDS better than peanuts or bubble wrap, etc. The sender
> of the BA hasn't returned my emails.
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