[Boatanchors] Extreme Packing

Glen Zook gzook at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 17 19:34:44 EDT 2011

The commercial units have 2 cylinders of "solution" that do not start to react until the come in contact with each other.  The "machine" consists of a small compressor which forces each solution through a hose and into a nozzle which mixes and dispenses the mixture into the box.  The cost of the "machine" is not too bad and then the solutions are relatively inexpensive.  Well, inexpensive when compared to other, less effective, methods of packing.

The salesman who demonstrated the system to me brought out 2 paper cups of the solution.  Then, as he was giving his "spiel", he poured the contents of one of the cups into the other and kept on talking.  Suddenly, his hand was encapsulated in foam!  It takes a few seconds for the reaction to happen.  But, when it happens, it happens REAL fast!

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It's an interesting, clever idea, but at $3 to $5 per bag, expensive, IMO.

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