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FOR SALE: Drake TR3 Transceiver

The R. L. Drake model TR-3 is an SSB-CW-AM transceiver designed for the 
transmission and reception of upper and lower sideband signals on the 80 
through 10 meter amateur bands. AM and CW capabilities are included. 

Ideal for both fixed station use in conjunction with the model AC-3 or AC4 
120 volt AC Power Supply, or for mobile installations using the  DC-3 or DC4 
12 volt DC Power Supply. 

The 300 watt PEP input on SSB enables the TR-3 to give an excellent 
account of itself barefoot and it will drive the highest powered ham linear 

Upper and lower sideband selection is accomplished by switching between 
two Drake designed and manufactured 9 MC crystal lattice filters with 2.1 kc 
pass-bands. Among the other features included on the TR-3 are VOX and 
PTT, shifted carrier CW, separate RF and AF gain controls, linear 
permeability tuned VFO with vernier scale, transmitting and receiving AGC, 
and separate receiver S-meter and transmitter plate ammeter. The addition 
of the accessory RV- 3 remote VFO speaker combination enables the 
operator to receive, transmit or transceive throughout the band being used 
without disturbing the setting of the TR-3 tuning dial. This is useful for 
working DX stations operating outside the United States Phone Bands, or 
for working near your own frequency in search of a clear spot under 
crowded band conditions.

FREQUENCY COVERAGE: Full coverage on all amateur bands 10 thru 80 
meters, in seven 600 k c ranges ; 3.5-4.1 mc, 7.0 to 7.6 mc, 13.9 to 14.5 
mc, 21 to 21.6 mc, 28 to 28.6 mc, 28.5 to 29.1 mc, 29.1 to 29.7 mc.
bullet	LINEAR PERMEABILITY TUNED VFO: Tunes 4.9 to 5.5 mc for all 
ranges, 9 mc I.F. minus VFO range overs 80 meters, 9 mc I. F. plus VFO 
range covers 20 meters. VFO and crystal oscillator heterodyned in premixer 
for 40, 15, and three 10 meter ranges.
DIAL CALIBRATION: 10 kc divisions on main tuning dial and interpolation to 
1 kc on tuning knob skirt . Effective length of circular dial scale is over 14 
FREQUENCY STABILITY: High stability permeability tuned VFO tunes 
same range on all bands . Drift is less than 100 cycles after warm-up, and 
less than 100 cycles for plus or minus 10% line voltage change.
bullet	Main Tuning has fluted knob with adjustable 25 division skirt. Tunes 
VFO and rotates main dial. 
bullet	RF Tune tunes the RF circuit common to receiver RF amplifier and 
transmitter driver stages. 0-10 scale. 
bullet	Plate and Load tuning adjust pi-network capacitors in transmitter for 
proper resonance and loading on each band. 
bullet	Band switch selects desired ham band (see frequency coverage). 
bullet	Function switch has four positions CAL, SSB, X-CW, X-AM. CAL 
operates built-in 100 kc crystal calibrator for accurate setting of main tuning 
hair line indicator and knob skirt SSB provides SSB operation, either VOX or 
PTT, and is receive position for SSB, CW, and AM. X-CW (transmit CW) 
inserts carrier , converts `Xmtr Gain´ control to carrier injection for tuning and 
CW transmitting. X-AM (transmit AM) inserts carrier and screen modulator 
for AM transmitting. 
bullet	XMTR GAIN functions as mike audio gain on SSB and AM, and as 
carrier injection control on X-CW for tune and CW. 
bullet	RCVR GAIN knob controls receiver AF gain and power ON-OFF 
switch. Lever behind knob controls setting of RF gain. 
bullet	Sideband switch in conjunction with indicator lights marked Upper 
and lower selects desired sideband by connecting into the circuit either the 
upper or lower sideband filter.

There is no power supply with this radio.

Pictures and details here:

Available for $115.00 plus shipping

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