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The main page is found at:
In reference to a branch conversation, it’s still there.  Maybe no one told
them we moved.  Maybe this is a separate entity.  Maybe the BOFH is off duty

The 9 tubes tested for a prospective amp article:
First off, the title is misleading.  It doesn’t use 9 tubes; it can be used
with nine different types of tubes.  Maybe more.  Instead it reminded me of
a conversation a while back about using receiving tubes in amplifiers
(grounded grid?) which I thought was pretty cool and I was picturing using
nine of them across and trying to imagine the impedance matching fun.  :-)
Anyway, this is one of those “food for thought” articles as is the one on
junk box amps.  Definitely something upon which to ponder most heavily.  But
then, I do everything most heavily.  :-)
Aside from the 1625s being held for restoration of command equipment, the
closest thing I have to a power tube is a couple of RK34 dual triodes and
some 829Bs (and a 5984, IIRC).  The 829B didn’t receive real high marks in
the tests although might have fared better if the max rated B+ (750v) had
been approached.  460v is pretty wimpy for that tube.  I have to go back and
see if I missed something about that.  
Being one of the “100 watts (out PEP) is more than enough for anyone” crowd
(and I know I’m gonna get a glower and/or drive-by shunning or two for
that), some of the other tubes are of interest but only at reduced B+.  Oh,
well.  I’m used to it.  The glowers and drive-by shunnings, that is.
These are among my all time favourite articles for reference in this area.
Thank you for sharing them.  :-)
Best regards,
Michael, WH7HG BL01xh WPE3ARS, ex-KN3MXO, ex-K3MXO A&P PP BGI LS/MFT
Whirled Infamous Author and all around really strange person
Hiki Nô! 
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