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This is an educated guess based on 2 things. First, Quam was in the speaker 
 manufacturing business. Second, back in the good olde days, intercom 
systems  used a speaker to perform the duties of both a speaker and a microphone. 
 Therefore, I have to assume that the Permanic Microphone is a permanent 
magnet  speaker configured to be used as a microphone.
This is a guess, this is only a guess, had this guess is correct, you will  
be supplied with additional information by tons of threads. If it is not  
correct, you will no doubt be building fires.
John, W4AWM
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<<  Does anyone on here know what a PERMANIC MICROPHONE is  ???? I just 
one of e bay...Manufactured by Quam the 
Speaker  company. No one at Quam has ever heard of it...It looks like about
1940  vintage... it is NOT a speaker...IDEAS???   >>

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