[Boatanchors] A big dilemna SX-28 and PM-23

Emil Dular wd4scz at aol.com
Fri Mar 18 17:17:33 EDT 2011

A friend of mine has carried in a SX-28, serial number H125730 and left it on my counter. This would indicate the radio as being built sometime between 29 Oct 1940 (s/n H-119051) and  19 Mar 1941 (s/n H-127986.

As he remembered it, the radio was working great, half a century ago when he last saw it. His father had just retired and moved to a farm, built a grass strip and set the Hallicrafters up in the back of the hangar.

Now it is forlorn. Rusted, all the rubber feet bubbled, cord stiff, but the band spread turns as nicely as the day it left Chicago. Dead spiders, mud daubers and wasps nest clutter the interior. The cone on the speaker is intact, but the windings look like mice have found the insulation palatable. All the sheet metal is intact. No holes, no dents, no bends. All the iron and tubes are present.

This is way over my head as a restoration project. It's seemingly all there under the dirt and dust. What to do besides quietly mutter, "Damn?"


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