[Boatanchors] I need a 9MHz Osc-Mixer

doc at kd4e.com doc at kd4e.com
Fri May 27 18:56:30 EDT 2011

I am getting a Central Electronics CE 20-A transmitter to go
with my Pierson KE-93 receiver.

I have a WRL/Globe V-10 VFO and am looking for an interface
that will mix 9MHz to get the VFO where the CE 20-A needs it.

Mixer + 9MHz -> Buffer

Small, using subminiature tubes would be cool, but anything
not too huge and complete with PS will do. (OK if homebrew
or hacked out of some carcass - it just needs to be tested
working, stable, & reliable & ready to put between my V-10
and CE 20-A.)

I know, I know, I should build it but at this point I simply
do not have the time!

I am willing to trade a Clegg Zeus (needs-rescue) rig for it.
(I don't have the Mod/PS and the cover is not original. Lots
of pictures here: http://kd4e.com/clegg.html )


Thanks! & 73, KD4E
David Colburn http://kd4e.com
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