[Boatanchors] Pete Millet Ebook Site - Now available on DVD ( It's on Ebay, please don't beat me... )

Tom Norris nu4g.radio at gmail.com
Fri May 27 22:09:14 EDT 2011

There is a fellow who is selling an authorized copy, on DVD, of Pete Millet's AWESOME online tech library.
For those that do ebay it is item number milsurplus at mailman.qth.net.  The fellow did a very good job of
it, and this is one of the very few site "rips" I've seen where the fellow actually asked the owner of the web
site if he could offer a disc archive.

For those not familiar with Pete Millet's web page, it's one of the best sources of free tech, engineering,
general electronics, tube references (including tube design texts)  and audio-related textbooks in pdf format. 

The main web page is located at www.pmillett.com/index.html

Lots of good reference material, deep engineering texts and other useful stuff.  I can't say enough good things
about the folks that took the time to donate the material to Pete and I thank Pete for taking the time to host
an ever-growing number of reference books.

I do apologize for including an ebay listing, but as I put the word "ebay" in the subject line, I hope
the no-ebay crowd's email filters will spare them from reading this. heehee

Everyone have a GREAT weekend!

Tom Norris NU4G

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