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Johnson did use the head of a Viking warrior as its logo even when only making components.
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Different company with different thoughts on the branding process. One
could also ask why they used Roman numerals rather then conventional
numbers (1, 2). And the use of the tag "Johnson Viking" Ranger  or
"Johnson Viking" Courier, "Johnson Viking" Matchbox, etc. Company wasn't
named E.F. Johnson Viking. I would assume "Viking" was used as their tag
or series name since "Johnson" doesn't add any product pizzazz to the
naming nomenclature whereas "Viking" can depict "tough", "robust",
"endures harsh environments", etc. 

Product naming and coding can be a science in itself and if chosen
carefully, can help to achieve a successful product identity.

Pete, wa2cwa

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> Here is a question.
> Why did Johnson have the first Viking transmitter called the Viking 
> 1 not just the Viking.
> Even the manual says Viking 1 on the cover.
> 73
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