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> I think I mentioned that the first electronic device I ever built was an 
> amplifier (using a 26) in a cigar box for a school science fair.

I do believe you did.  I have several cigar boxes earmarked for projects
built with the tubes etc on top of the boxes which I picked more for the
finish than the size.  These will become 1930s pieces of some order - kind
of "improved" breadboard units.  

> I made connections to the pins by using homemade clips (I think 
> probably from a tin can).  I had screw terminals on the top of the box for

> access to the tube elements.  Typed labels rubber cemented to the box 
> completed the project.

All filed for future reference.  :-D

> Looking back, I think that the wood box with nice grain with a tube
> vertically looked pretty good.  I didn't have to make room in the box for
> tube.   One might envision something akin to an Ameco AC-1 in wood.

Agreed with no hesitation.  While a breadboard can be finished very nicely,
there are many cigar boxes that already are finished and more than a few
that are only steps away from having a lovely finish.  Several breadboards
live here for larger rigs but several "picked" cigar boxes do as well for
smaller or "sectioned" rigs with each box holding one stage of a Tx.  Among
the latter are several black ones that will get special treatment although I
don't know how special.  :-)

The larger boxes give me a way of playing with more or less portable
equipment that has the tubes inside rather than exposed simply because I

It would be nice to see a pic or two of your amplifier should you think of
it.  :-)

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