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> One of my earliest homebrew projects was a voltmeter built into a small
> cigar box. 

Okay, now this is just too cool for words, including having to open it up to
change range.  *Adding to the list of cool things to make*

> I recently started finding nice wooden boxes in the thrift stores and at
> garage sales - for cheap. Some have nicely made sliding panels to open
> and close. Ideal for a radio with plug-in coils. Another can hold the
> coils that are not in use at the moment. You get the picture.

Several such boxes are currently being used with my watchmaker's and Clisby
lathes but I'm considering repurposing them later once I can dedicate a
[wooden] tool box or two to them.  The Unimat already has its own box
although I still have to put dividers & shelves in it arranged so I can
still get out the milling head and column.  

Wood has always been a material of choice but then I started with
breadboards so that may be why.  :-)

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