[Boatanchors] where to find a National SW-54 receiver

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Hi Steve,

Those little rigs were very popular with collectors............ Finding one in good condition is not all that easy, but possible.  If you have an antique radio club in your town (or nearby), consider contacting them as it's possible some member may have one he/she would let go.  There are some other sources.  Google up MAARC (mid-atlantic antique radio club)  OR  MARC (michigan antique radio club)  OR  SARS (Southeastern antique radio society) for starters.  Make a direct inquiry to the president of the club......tell them your wants and see what happens.  I've named only three clubs (I was once president of the SARS group in Atlanta) but there are many more.  Most are not "amateur radio oriented".  But the little SW-54 had art-deco design appeal and thus became very collectible.  As an amateur receiver????????   Naaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!  But cute still and nice for AM b'cast listening.  And.......it lights up!

Tubes rule!

Good luck.


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Thanks for all the suggestions:
boat anchors classified ads
ntique radio forum classifieds
raig's list
arage sales
hrift stores
I thought the idea of checking the landfills was pretty funny, but I 
uppose that's where a lot of SW-54's are by now.
Steve Mulder

n 10/27/2011 4:53 PM, Steve Mulder wrote:
 I have been looking for a National SW-54 receiver. Other than hamfests 
 and Ebay, where else could I look for something like that?

 Steve Mulder
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