[Boatanchors] where to find a National SW-54 receiver

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Sat Oct 29 19:24:46 EDT 2011

Also, there is FAWG...
Florida Antique Wireless Group
> Hi Steve,
> Those little rigs were very popular with collectors............
> Finding one in good condition is not all that easy, but possible. 
> If you have an antique radio club in your town (or nearby), consider
> contacting them as it's possible some member may have one he/she
> would let go.  There are some other sources.  Google up MAARC
> (mid-atlantic antique radio club)  OR  MARC (michigan antique radio
> club)  OR  SARS (Southeastern antique radio society) for starters. 
> Make a direct inquiry to the president of the club......tell them
> your wants and see what happens.  I've named only three clubs (I was
> once president of the SARS group in Atlanta) but there are many
> more.  Most are not "amateur radio oriented".  But the little SW-54
> had art-deco design appeal and thus became very collectible.  As an
> amateur receiver????????   Naaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!  But cute still and
> nice for AM b'cast listening.  And.......it lights up!
> Tubes rule!
> Good luck.
> 73
> Chuck
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> have
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> Thanks for all the suggestions:
> boat anchors classified ads
> ntique radio forum classifieds
> ham
> RZ
> TH
> raig's list
> arage sales
> awnshops
> hrift stores
> andfills
> I thought the idea of checking the landfills was pretty funny, but I
> uppose that's where a lot of SW-54's are by now.
> Steve Mulder
> n 10/27/2011 4:53 PM, Steve Mulder wrote:
>  I have been looking for a National SW-54 receiver. Other than
> hamfests 
>  and Ebay, where else could I look for something like that?
>  Steve Mulder
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