[Boatanchors] Parting With and/or Parting Out: Tektronix 502A

Robert Groh rgroh at swbell.net
Sat Sep 3 11:54:46 EDT 2011

Bill, there is a very active Yahoo group on Tektronix scopes (I joined up 
sometime ago for help in keeping my Tek 465 going) and someone there might be 


If you don't want to join up just for your scope, I would be glad to post it for 
you.  I know only too well the necessity to see old buddies go off to a better 

If you do scrap it, I would certainly be interested in the manual (if you don't 
mind mailing it - I will certainly pay for mailing).

Bob Groh, WA2CKY

From: William Morton <w_b_morton at hotmail.com>
To: boatanchor <boatanchors at puck.nether.net>
Sent: Sat, September 3, 2011 8:58:38 AM
Subject: [Boatanchors] Parting With and/or Parting Out:  Tektronix 502A

Hello All,

It is with mixed emotions that I must announce the Parting of Ways with my Tek 
502A.  Although I plan on keeping most of the tubes for now, the rest is up for 
grabs, including an original manual with schematics.  It does work with both 
traces showing up, however I am sure it needs a good calibration.  

If anyone is interested in the whole thing (minus the tubes), it can be 
purchased for the affordable price of $35.  Pickup only, however, as shipping 
this thing is cost prohibitive.  I live south of St. Paul, MN, so use that as a 
guide for potential drive time. 

If nobody expresses interest in the whole unit, I plan on parting it out - which 
pains me even more.

Thank you for your consideration.  I am truly hoping to keep this out of the 
recycle bin.

Best Regards,

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