[Boatanchors] Agilent (HP) has an Interesting "Test of Time Power Supply Contest"

charlesfbacon at novuminstitute.org charlesfbacon at novuminstitute.org
Tue Sep 6 17:12:09 EDT 2011

Agilent, or HP as we know it, posted an interesting contest today, the "Test
of Time Power Supply Contest": "Write a short biography of your oldest,
working DC power supply. In 500 words or less, describe how it has been used
over the years and how you're using it now. Whether its life history has
been glamorous or you've used it for regular, everyday applications, we want
to hear about it."

It would be great fun if we all enter the contest highlighting the oldest HP
supply we have, and show Agilent how great the "real" HP really was! Here's
the link: http://powersupplycontest.viewmark.com/.

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