[Boatanchors] RF Gen needs repair

Bob Jackson bob at nofrowns.net
Thu Sep 8 11:36:28 EDT 2011

Fellow BAers -

My B&K E-200D RF generator has, quite unexpectedly, decided to stop putting out a signal, e.g. worked yesterday, not today. The modulator circuit apparently still works, however.

Tiny parts on small PCBs are beyond my skills, not to mention 3-legged "non-tube" components. I have no clue whether the oscillator has quit or perhaps the output amp, or ??? Does anyone know someone who'd be willing to tackle repairing it? I have the schematic and manual, etc. When it was working, it did a nice job and I'd like to keep it if it can be fixed for not too much $$$.


Bob  AG5X

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