[Boatanchors] Antique Radio Charlotte 2012 NEWS FLASH !

w4ron at carolina.rr.com w4ron at carolina.rr.com
Sun Sep 25 16:03:52 EDT 2011

In an effort to encourage the flea market vendors to stay open longer on Saturday morning when the general public might attend we're going to have a special door prize just for those
flea market vendors.

Any flea market vendor that is still set up and open for business at 12noon on Saturday will be eligible to win

$500 IN CASH.

Door prize tickets will be handed out at 12noon to any vendor that's still open for business, then we'll draw the winning ticket, the winner will receive 5 crisp new $100 dollar bills.

I think this might be enough to encourage vendors to stick
around a little longer on Saturday morning.

73, RON w4ron
2012 Charlotte Antique Radio Conference
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