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The folks on eBay think pilots are millionaires and Trade-a-Plane is worse.
I checked my local boneyard and a couple FBOs and got told that any useable
antennas are put back in the air since even used they can command a decent
price.  Unusable antennas are really unusable – as in broken beyond salvage.


Okay, where am I going with this.  For the Type 12 setups, I need four
VOR/ILS antennas (one with glide slope), and about half a dozen VHF comm
antennas.  Fair has the requisite ARC UHF antenna so I’m good there.  While
ARC equipment would be nice, I’m not going to get real picky about it.  I
also need to create two marker beacon antennas plus locate at least one L-10
loop.  (There should actually be three but I’m not going to push my luck.)  


All the R-11s will share the same wire antenna which will simplify things a
lot I’m not entirely sure gang wiring them is quite kosher (or even dill)
but it’ll have to do since “rooftop” space for the overall display setup is
pretty limited and, aside from the VHF et al antennas, there will be two
wire antennas for the command equipment, one for each system.  


And then there are the feed-throughs; wire antenna supports, insulators and
tension springs; a few gazillion BNC connectors*; a mile or two of RG-58*
and a host of other fun detaily stuff.  


* Okay, so I exaggerate.  It’s only a bazillion BNCs and just light of a
mile of RG-58.


Any thoughts on antenna sources that won’t cost me my pension check each
would be welcome.


So much fun, so few bananas 


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