[Boatanchors] Gonset Super 12 Dial Face?

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> The large knob lacks a set screw but still cannot be removed
> as the brass inset appears to have seized on the shaft.  It
> also has a crack and I anticipate it will break apart when
> removed.
> I have tried PB-Blaster but no joy.  I hate to destroy it to
> remove it but I have to get the chassis out to service it.
> Any suggestions, please?

After coming up with a few that those who don't know about my sense of humor
would take seriously, if you're certain you're going to lose the knobs
anyway, I might be tempted to just remove the plastic entirely and shoot
some PB Blaster down from the other end.  If this doesn't work, there's the
wedge and pin punch approach but that's kind of drastic and I'm sure that
others here have far more gentle means.

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