[Boatanchors] [Hallicrafters] Mystery S-76

Glen Zook gzook at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 21 18:59:21 EDT 2012

Considering that the S-76 came out several years before the HT-20, I sincerely doubt that the receiver was designed to "match" the transmitter!  The design of the SX-88 is closer to the HT-20, with the "picture frame" and all.  I don't recall any other Hallicrafters units having the "picture frame".  The SX-88 came out several months after the HT-20.  Of course, both the HT-20 and SX-88 were very limited in production with the SX-88 having more examples built.

My HT-20 is s/n 11 and I have "heard from" the owner of s/n 9.
Glen, K9STH

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Rumor has it that thie receiver design was meant to match the HT-20.  
Cabinetry was left over from other receivers so they simply cut out the old  
speaker opening and added the big S-meter we are all familiar with.

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