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I know of at least 2 runs of the S-76. One has brushed chrome skirts on  
many of the knobs and the other had plain ones. My Father's S-76 which he  
purchased new was plain and one I bought later is skirted. I still have them  
John,  W4AWM

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Hallicrafters sort-of did this same type of thing for other   radios 
the S-76.   I've seen ads for the S-118  (basically an  overgrown S-120 
an additional IF stage), where  the item pictured was in a  cabinet that 
more closely resembled the  styling of the SX-110 or  
corner cabinet,  different style knobs, etc.    Also have an early ad for 
FPM-200, where the radio pictured has some  significant changes from  the 
actual hardware produced.    BTW..........I have 2 different  S-76 
receivers that 
have a significant  difference between  them........apparently during 
production, 15 meters was added  to the  bandspread scale, as this was a 
new band 
back then.

73, Herman,  N4CH.

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