[Boatanchors] A Tube Puzzle

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The 2C51 uses a different part number convention, the 2 is a class of
filament power, the c denotes a triode, and the 51 demotes the fifty first
tube in that particular class  (think 2C39, 3E29,7C21, 4E27, IB22, etc. 

Scott W7SVJ

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Subject: [Boatanchors] A Tube Puzzle


My understanding was that standard tube conventions had the leading
digit(s) as the filament voltage:

1B3   = 1 V
2X2   = 2 V
5Y3   = 5 V
6X5   = 6 V
12AX7 = 12 V
35W4  = 35 V
50C5  = 50 V
117L7 = 117 V


How does a 2C51W dual triode fit in? It has a 6 V filament?




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