[Boatanchors] Pair of 0.15H, 1.3A chokes...used for? any interest?

William Morton w_b_morton at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 4 12:06:03 EDT 2012

Hello All,
Cleaning out the 'treasure' chest, although my wife calls it something else.
I have a used pair of 0.15H, 1.3A chokes and wonder what they could be used for.  They are identified by the following label:
SB163550.15H1.3ASERIAL 14     <--- (the second one is SERIAL 15)7:64
I have a feeling the '7:64' is a date code.  These are rather beefy at 3 1/4" tall x 2 1/2" wide x 2 5/8" deep.  Open frame type with open slots in the bottom mounting flange.  Mounting slots are about 1 5/8" on center.  They are in nice shape with the windings firmly in place.  Measuring with a hand-held LCR meter, the inductance measures 0.13H.
Depending on whatever responses I receive, these would be available for sale or just brought along in my next visit to the metal recycling center.  Hopefully someone will respond with something like 'I have been looking for a pair of these for years.'  Based on their weight, I would expect it would be easiest to ship in a USPS Medium Flat Rate box.  If there is any interest, the first offer above $29.99 (including shipping) gets 'em.
If no interest is shown within this weekend, off to recycling they go.  Don't mean to pressure anyone but it's time to clean house... and make room for my next project(s) that my better half does not yet know about.
Best Regards,

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