[Boatanchors] round IF cans - how to remove and open?

Steve Mulder smulder3 at cox.net
Sun Dec 23 17:46:53 EST 2012

I need to repair one of the IF transformers on a 1947 Motorola 65T21.

One of the IF transformers won't peak up. I suspect one of the internal 
caps has gone bad. The coils seem ok, at about 15 ohms each.

I can't figure out how to remove the cans from the chassis, or how to 
open them up. I can't see any screws or rivets or tabs to work with. The 
cans are cyclindrical, and they have a metal lip on both sides of the 
chassis. On the top side the lip goes all the way around. On the bottom, 
the lip has two notches in it. It looks like the bakelite base has a 
couple of cut-out notches, but they don't line up with the notches in 
the metal lip.

Any suggestions on how to remove and open these cans?

Steve Mulder
Tucson AZ

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