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Bill Fuqua wlfuqu00 at uky.edu
Wed Feb 1 09:00:18 EST 2012

   But the thing is that it does have a product detector, a 6BE6.
Bill wa4lav

At 03:05 AM 2/1/2012 -0500, John Kolb wrote:

>This is common to most (all?) receivers which do not have a product
>detector for SSB but simply
>add a BFO signal to the IF signal going into the AM detector.  This
>is true even of the R-390 receiver.
>For the BFO signal to replace the missing carrier of the SSB signal,
>it needs to be much stronger than
>the SSB signal components.  If the SSB signal is strong, the BFO may
>not be enough stronger to
>serve as a carrier.  In this case, turning down the RF Gain reduces
>the SSB signal to a proper level
>to work with the BFO signal.
>With the RF gain turned down, the AGC will probably be less
>effective, so constant adjustments
>of it may be necessary (riding the gain).
>At 08:49 PM 1/31/2012, Ron Barlow wrote:
> >Many thanks to all who replied to my request for info on the SX-130.
> >The owner (a member of the Hallicrafters mailing list) states that
> >the RF gain control must be reduced to obtain good copy on SSB. He
> >states that if the RF gain control is advanced, the audio distortion
> >becomes severe.
> >  He asks if this situation, is normal, for this particular receiver.
> >  He sent along a copy of the owners manual, which states that
> > "under certain conditions, it may be found advantageous to reduce
> > the RF GAIN setting for improved reception." Judging from the
> > owners description, his receiver seems to require a great deal more
> > attention, to the RF gain control, than the owners manual suggests.
> >  Unfortunately, I do not have access to the receiver, and I have
> > never operated an SX-130. Therefore, I am not in a good position to
> > judge whether his receiver is operating normally. Any and all
> > advice is greatly appreciated, and I will forward it to the owner
> > of the receiver.
> >                                        Many thanks & 73 de Ron  N4GJV
> >
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