[Boatanchors] weird bc-639 restored by USN!

Scott Johnson scottjohnson1 at cox.net
Thu Feb 2 21:47:08 EST 2012

What's to wonder-
The USAF was still using BC-640/639 in back up service for G-A comms in at
least the early seventies, the Navy probably did the same.
My question is this (and Ed, I think you worked on these things in the USAF,
if I'm not mistaken);

What is the designation of the complete systems using the BC-639/640, and
does anyone have T.Os/TM's for some of the more obscure accessories, such as
the frequency meter, the power bridge, and the DC remote control?  

I would like to get my system completed, but all I can find are the manuals
for the transmitter and receiver.

Scott W7SVJ

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there has to be a story behind this...
we have had it  for a while   and  wonder what the Navy  was  going   with 
this and at  what  time
Ed#  smecc.org 
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