[Boatanchors] weird bc-639 restored by USN!

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Thu Feb 2 23:17:06 EST 2012

Yea ... but...just never saw a gray one before...  also thought the  use of 
the verbiage  'RESRORED'  by Navy was interesting!
And yes... USAF used them I had them at Luke.... I was the only  young  
person that knew about them as  they did not  teach them in school at  that 
One setup was   VHF comm.  the other was VHF guard
back up was ... .....2 ARC-3's  9 another one I knew  about   but  was not 
our responsibility... avionics shop  fixed them   when needed.
Manuals?  I will have to check.. I got a bunch... like a box full of  stuff 
 when I got that CAA repaint  640 we have  and never looked  at them as I 
Knew what the thing was and had no intention on lighting it off at  that 
time. I will have to see what the fellow had in the stash.  
639 and 640 were used    in RDF stations   suggest  you run these SCR 
numbers   SCR-644 Control Net  system, ---  mobile direction finding station 
SCR-575 and direction  finding station SCR-634. 
amazing stuff....... 
I would like  good  clean    Green bc-639 and  bc-640
GREEN !!! not  brown,  Gray ,  Blue,  Blue  wrinkle etc...
I have a stack of  640 panels in the odd blue and blue wrinkle  and  maybe 
black------  I need to find a home  for. !
I really hate the  brown  pain on this  ^$)---   Scott... time to move your 
 green one over to me! <grin!>
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scottjohnson1 at cox.net writes:

What's  to wonder-
The USAF was still using BC-640/639 in back up service for G-A  comms in at
least the early seventies, the Navy probably did the  same.
My question is this (and Ed, I think you worked on these things in  the 
if I'm not mistaken);

What is the designation of the  complete systems using the BC-639/640, and
does anyone have T.Os/TM's for  some of the more obscure accessories, such 
the frequency meter, the  power bridge, and the DC remote control?  

I would like to get my  system completed, but all I can find are the manuals
for the transmitter  and receiver.

Scott  W7SVJ

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