[Boatanchors] Heath LMO fix

Fuqua, Bill L wlfuqu00 at uky.edu
Mon Feb 13 23:53:49 EST 2012

Some years ago I emailed a technique to solve the backlash of the later model SB line LMOs.
The ones that  used all brass gears were fine but later ones using a phenolic and brass gears developed
back lash on the most frequently used ranges. I had a couple of SB303 receivers that had this problem because
the phenolic gears wore out. The solution was first to loosen the anti backlash gear and rotate it 180 degrees so 
that it was running on teeth that had never been used. No back lash now. But the tracking was way off.
Apparently these gears were far from perfect. So I had to do the untinkable. That was to redo the tracking by
bending the little tabs. I developed a proceedure to do this and get the tracking very very close to perfect.
  After doing several of them I decided I would never do it again unless I had to.
Bill wa4lav

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I just uploaded my "fix" for the LMO warble that plagues a LOT of the SB-Line units.


Glen, K9STH

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