[Boatanchors] Reply to Glen Zooks post about Heath LMO warbling

Dick Pettit pettit at ti.com
Wed Feb 15 06:57:46 EST 2012

My Heath SB-300 had been warbling for about a year now but once I read 
Glen's dissertation on how to correct the problem, it gave me the 
incentive to start removing screws and nuts.

I did not remove the front panel, but the LMO came out with just a 
little "wiggling" and keeping my fingers crossed.  Inside there was a 
small amount of dried lube, easily removed per Glen's instructions. 
WD-40 works wonders!  The braid came from some small diameter coax but I 
needed my 150 watt soldering gun to overcome the thermal mass of the 
large gear and the capacitor frame.

While re-installing the LMO and main dial, the little point on the 
plastic part that moves the 100 kHz dial broke off.  Some quick thinking 
and ingenuity provided the answer.  I drilled a 1/16" hole in the 
plastic part and glued in a short section of 1/16" carbon fiber rod that 
was super glued into place.  A bit of trimming with a cut-off wheel on 
my Dremel tool and the point fit into the slot perfectly.

Everything else went back together and final alignment was a piece of 
cake.  The fold-outs in the manual helped a lot along with the assembly 
steps.  When in doubt, RTFM!

  Thanks to Glen for the post.  My SB-300 now tunes smooth as silk with 
no "birdies"!

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