[Boatanchors] AM 100 Watt Transmitter Designs

Vic Gagliano wa2arq at verizon.net
Sun Jan 15 10:28:50 EST 2012

There are some good designs in the 1955 ARRL Handbook.
If you are a member, just call Zack at tech support or look it up on
their website under either QST or Handbook articles AM Xmtrs. Any of the
Handbooks around that year will have something 
of interest.


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Can anyone help this fellow?

He is looking for an AM transmitter article and would like to do some
homebrewing after a 
FEW years absence form ham radio!

He may not be reading this group, so be sure to do a "REPLY TO ALL" here to
help him...

FWD from another group:

    Posted by: Brian Burns
burnsguitar at yahoo.com

    Date: Sat Jan 14, 2012 3:07 pm ((PST))

Hello All,

I'm getting back into ham radio after a mere 53 years doing other

Back in the day, I worked mostly CW, and want to do that again, but I'm
really interested in AM. An old ham friend has equipped me with an SSB/CW
transceiver, and I'm getting an HQ-145 to restore for AM reception.

I'm looking for an article on building an all band AM tube transmitter
that's good for about 100 watts, give or take. I'm concerned about parts
availability, so any help in that direction would be greatly appreciated
too. I'll be building a digital VFO kit, so this will be something of a
hybrid rig. Here is the link to the kit:  



Brian Burns  Once and future K6UCD

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