[Boatanchors] AM 100 Watt Transmitter Designs

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
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Great tip Vic. There may also be some articles on the web or in later years of the handbook...
There are a great many projects / articles described in other less-known magazines and web 
groups too, such as  the "AM PRESS/ECHANGE" or "AMFONE,"  or "THE AM FORUM" and 
"Electric Radio."  You can often find back issues of these magazines, and others - some of 
which are becoming rare now. Consult Southeast AM Radio Club, and  SPARC - the "Society 
for Presevrvation of AM Radio Club" for example.

You  can at least find a few pictures and anecdotes online maybe even a few detailed articles 
(but not many - these web pages have a way of disappearing and THAT is where the 
Wayback Machine comes in handy)- For example:


Some great archives may be found here:


Get a copy of this PDF while you still can!

4-250A Homebrew AM Transmitter Youtube video:

Cathode modulator for use with linear amplifiers such as the SB200: 

KM5TZ Homebrew AM transmitter:

W5HRO Homebrew AM Transmitter video:

How to identify Modulation Transformers:

Mike, W5RKL's Mixer-osc transmitter for AM:

Many other useful links here - warning some may be dead links!

73 to you, Brian - and keep us up to date on how the project goes, 

Bry AF4K

On 15 Jan 2012 at 10:28, Vic Gagliano wrote:

> There are some good designs in the 1955 ARRL Handbook.
> If you are a member, just call Zack at tech support or look it up
> on
> their website under either QST or Handbook articles AM Xmtrs. Any of
> the
> Handbooks around that year will have something 
> of interest.
> Vic WA2ARQ
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> Subject: [Boatanchors] AM 100 Watt Transmitter Designs
> Can anyone help this fellow?
> He is looking for an AM transmitter article and would like to do
> some
> homebrewing after a 
> FEW years absence form ham radio!
> He may not be reading this group, so be sure to do a "REPLY TO ALL"
> here to
> help him...
> FWD from another group:
>     Posted by: Brian Burns
> burnsguitar at yahoo.com
>     Date: Sat Jan 14, 2012 3:07 pm ((PST))
> Hello All,
> I'm getting back into ham radio after a mere 53 years doing other
> things!
> Back in the day, I worked mostly CW, and want to do that again, but
> I'm
> really interested in AM. An old ham friend has equipped me with an
> transceiver, and I'm getting an HQ-145 to restore for AM
> reception.
> I'm looking for an article on building an all band AM tube
> transmitter
> that's good for about 100 watts, give or take. I'm concerned about
> parts
> availability, so any help in that direction would be greatly
> appreciated
> too. I'll be building a digital VFO kit, so this will be something
> of a
> hybrid rig. Here is the link to the kit:  
> http://www.pongrance.com/super-dds.html
> Cheers,
> Brian Burns  Once and future K6UCD
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