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Well Bry,  I don't have an AM rig in mind from a purely "homebrew" standpoint!  But I do have a suggestion for Brian....... I have a "de-kitted" EICO 723 that can be built up just like a new kit.  This came about as a result of my buying three of these rigs in order to build up at least one for myself.  To my surprise, there were enough parts left over for a second one.  Key items are all there and I've subbed new resistors and some caps to replace out of tolerance ones.  The panel, meter, knobs, bezel and cabinet..........when finished........will easily look like an 8.5 or 9.0 on a scale of 10.  The chassis is copper-clad steel and is in moderately good cosmetic condition.  It could be painted or re-clad but is fully buildable in its present condition.

The rig uses either crystal control or VFO (seperate).  It is CW only, but has an accessory socket on the rear that allows a 50w modulator to be placed in the final and thus becomes a high-level modulation AM transmitter.  The EICO 730 modulator is a perfect match.  That's what I use with my 720 and the 723.  There are numerous articles for building a modulator to be found in Electric Radio, QST, CQ, etc...............

For anyone wishing to "roll their own" the EICO 723 gives a good starting point for getting back on the air on CW and building a modulator and/or VFO still leaves room for lots of building fun.

Contact me off the list if interested................... $100 plus shipping!  

P.S.------ The EICO 723 "kit" will be on sale in the boneyard at the upcoming Orlando HamCation.


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Can anyone help this fellow?

He is looking for an AM transmitter article and would like to do some homebrewing after a FEW years absence form ham radio!

He may not be reading this group, so be sure to do a "REPLY TO ALL" here to help him...

FWD from another group:

    Posted by: Brian Burns
burnsguitar at yahoo.com

    Date: Sat Jan 14, 2012 3:07 pm ((PST))

Hello All,

I'm getting back into ham radio after a mere 53 years doing other

Back in the day, I worked mostly CW, and want to do that again, but I'm
really interested in AM. An old ham friend has equipped me with an SSB/CW
transceiver, and I'm getting an HQ-145 to restore for AM reception.

I'm looking for an article on building an all band AM tube transmitter
that's good for about 100 watts, give or take. I'm concerned about parts
availability, so any help in that direction would be greatly appreciated
too. I'll be building a digital VFO kit, so this will be something of a
hybrid rig. Here is the link to the kit:  



Brian Burns  Once and future K6UCD




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