[Boatanchors] AM 100 Watt Transmitter Designs

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Avoid sweep tubes.
Start with ONE 807, 1625, or 6146.  All are cheap and available.  Find out 
the output level of your VFO and choose a tube to follow it.  It's likely 
that stage will drive a single amp tube.
Avoid two tube finals to start.  They are harder to build, harder to debug, 
less stable, and not worth the trouble at your stage.  Anyone you can work 
with 100W will hear you at 50W!
Build the mod and RF sections separate, so you can use them with different 
partners.  A good mod will last forever, with many RF sections.
If you don't mind being a little retro, use plugin coils.  Bandswitches and 
coil banks are tedious and winding coils is fun.
A pair of 6L6s will modulate up to about 75W of RF and they are easy to 
handle.  A pair of 6146s is a great mod, but will require careful gain 
control with  A 50w RF section.
You'll get lots more enjoyment from a smallish simple rig that works and 
gets you on the air sooner than something more ambitious.
Spend a few weeks studying all the books you can find, especially Handbook 
and QST articles AND looking for parts.  Let the parts help determine the 
design.  The mod xfmr will likely be the most elusive part, but maybe the 
community will come through for you.
Go to hamfests and look for chassis, panels, meters, xfmrs, etc.  Once 
people see you working, many will help!
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> Can anyone help this fellow?
> He is looking for an AM transmitter article and would like to do some 
> homebrewing after a
> FEW years absence form ham radio!
> He may not be reading this group, so be sure to do a "REPLY TO ALL" here 
> to help him...
> FWD from another group:
>    Posted by: Brian Burns
> burnsguitar at yahoo.com
>    Date: Sat Jan 14, 2012 3:07 pm ((PST))
> Hello All,
> I'm getting back into ham radio after a mere 53 years doing other
> things!
> Back in the day, I worked mostly CW, and want to do that again, but I'm
> really interested in AM. An old ham friend has equipped me with an SSB/CW
> transceiver, and I'm getting an HQ-145 to restore for AM reception.
> I'm looking for an article on building an all band AM tube transmitter
> that's good for about 100 watts, give or take. I'm concerned about parts
> availability, so any help in that direction would be greatly appreciated
> too. I'll be building a digital VFO kit, so this will be something of a
> hybrid rig. Here is the link to the kit:
> http://www.pongrance.com/super-dds.html
> Cheers,
> Brian Burns  Once and future K6UCD
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