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> I'm trying to find time and a clear flat surface to work on the Gonset
converters ... nasty dial 
> condition on one, some rust on another, also need an IF ... also need to
install the
> replacement faceplate on the DX-70TH.

"Clear flat surface" ... hmmm ... I take it the dining room table's out.  I
used to have a rather largish serving tray I used as a work top for a while.
It was built onto such a tray and I could put it on the table when I was
working on something.  Set up & tear down took a while but it was better
than nothing.

Been thinking about the IF problem (which is like mine with the Super Sixes)
and have considered a number of possibilities (including some sand state
about which we shall not speak further ;-) ) but one that comes to mind is
the one I mentioned to you in email but converting the tubes to all space
charge tubes.  It would work and satisfy your needs for an all-12v all
hollow-state Rx quite well. 

> Just sent book 6mos late to publisher, perhaps some income from that down
the road will 
> relieve a little pressure.

Book?  Do tell ... :-)

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