[Boatanchors] Strange Hallicrafters S-38B

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Fri Jun 15 11:45:55 EDT 2012

Hi Bob - Hallicrafters may have made some variants within those model numbers, much like 
a lot of other manufacturers did, especially given that theymade so many and over so many 
years. Yes, they seem to have dropped it after the plain S38. I would love to know if there are 
examples of later models with stick ANL.

For example, here is an original S38 with the "noise limiter" switch:
(I think it's OK to post links here) 


I noticed that it doesn't say ANL, but "noise limiter."

All the S38B and following receivers that I have seen did not have the ANL switch.

They seem to have not made as many of the S38A as some other models. I don't see as 
much about them. I have seen very few in person or even pictures or discussions about 
them on the internet. But then I am  no expert on them. Just have enjoyed using one or 
two S38s over the years. I think a variant may have been sold under the Lafayette name too. 

KO4BB manual pages for S38A

S38A in PDF form

S38A in action

It says that the S38D receivers were sold 1954 -1957 - and I haven't seen one of those with  
ANL. Maybe Hallicrafters dropped it to save money?

Incidentally - I have a boat load of new RF coils to dispose of, and I prefer to let friends know  
about them, rather than use eBay, but I guess I won't mention it here and irritate anyone. I  
have bought hundreds of items on eBay and probably sold less than one per year over the  
past 6 years, LOL. For most of us eBay is a big time waster, but it is handy when you need  
something you can't find elsewhere. 

73 - Bry, AF4K

On 15 Jun 2012 at 5:49, Bob Jackson wrote:

> I'm pretty familiar with Hallicrafters S-38s from the original
> through the "C" model and am aware of a few variants of the original
> a la Dachis' book. However, before now, I'd never heard of (much
> less seen) a "B" model with and ANL switch. I now own one. From what
> I've always believed, the ANL circuitry was only in the original
> version. Does anyone have any information on this and/or any other
> variants? 
> Thanks and 73 to all,
> Bob  AG5X
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