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J. Forster jfor at quikus.com
Tue Jun 26 22:25:49 EDT 2012

His request was reasonable, and he was not BSing you. The alternative to
making a silicone rubber mold from the original part is machining one up
as I described.

The vacuum pump and chamber ARE needed to make the molds and do the
casting. Otherwise you get air pockets. Period.

I believe museums use essentially the same process as I described to
replicate artifacts, like dino fossils.

Molds made this way are stunningly detailed, BTW.

The Paraset parts may be available from Richard Hankins & Tony Waller's
Rest6oration Trust.



> Some time ago I was involved with two other guys living in the UK with a
> desire to replicate Paraset knobs which are unique.  I went to some chap
> out in California to see if he could make knobs from a mold we would make
> with his instructions from original knobs in a UK museum.  He told me this
> would not be a good idea as the molds and knobs needed to be manufactured
> using a vacuum pump and this could not be done remotely.  He wanted the
> knobs at his shop which was impossible for us to accomplish.  As it turned
> out we found a company in England with the original knob molds and we had
> this firm manufacture new original knobs for us.
> I don't know if the chap in California was just giving me BS or if he was
> giving me some straight scoop.
> Lee, w0vt
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