[Boatanchors] VHF 152A

Robert Groh rgroh at swbell.net
Thu Jun 28 23:52:53 EDT 2012

I quickly downloaded a manual (thank goodness for BAMA!) and checked the 
schematic and parts list.  Those are just power supply filters (dual section, 10 
uF, 450 WVDC) and you can certainly increase the value to 22 uF or even 47 uF.  
Value is not critical as long as you meet the minimum (which you could 
arbitrarily set at 10 uF in this case).  The capacitor simply provides 'energy 
storage' during the portion of the input cycle where the diodes are not 
conducting - you can roughly calculate the drop in voltage (aka 'ripple') using 
standard formulas.  Again not terribly important in this case as there is just 
not a lot of load.

So size might be important factor - I would think pair of 22 uF would fit nicely 
in the old can.  I do suggest you buy higher temperature rating ones (i.e. buy 
125 degC parts rather than the normal 85 degC) - gives you longer lifetime at 
little extra cost.


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Subject: [Boatanchors] VHF 152A

Restoring a RME  VHF 152A converter. I'm wonder about the filter caps that are 
rated at 

10 uf , how much , if any can I increase this value?  Thank for any help.

73, Windy  W4ZAA
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