[Boatanchors] RE SX-130 problem

Ron Barlow imalowfer at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 13 13:21:27 EDT 2012

 The owner of the SX-130, that suffers from audio distortion problems, has sent an audio file to me, in hopes of getting some diagnostic help. I attempted to forward it, to the list, but the attempt failed. I received a reply that stated the the file was too large, and that moderator approval would be reauired, before the file upload could proceed.
 That was several weeks ago, and approval has not arrived.
 I will be glad to forward the audio file directly to anyone who is willing to take a stab at diagnosing the problem.
 The owner has replaced the electrolytic filter caps, but that did not improve the situation.
                                     Thanks much & 73 de Ron

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